Gia Round Diamond Buyers

As GIA round diamond buyers in the heart of the Los Angeles diamond district we have very strong demand for round diamonds, primarily GIA certified round diamonds. Diamond buyers in Los Angeles, gemologists from the GIA and consumers around the world all agree that round brilliant cut diamonds have the highest amount of brilliance. Because of that high brilliance, round brilliant cut diamonds enjoy the greatest demand of all diamond shapes. All GIA round diamond buyers and every GIA diamond seller knows that high demand brings high prices. Right now round brilliant cut diamond prices have never been better… never.

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We are gia round diamond buyers of round shaped GIA certified diamonds over one carat with great interest in GIA round diamonds over 3 carats.

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We also are prime diamond buyers of GIA certified natural colored diamonds of any size or color including but not limited to: GIA pink diamonds, GIA yellow diamonds, GIA blue diamonds and GIA orange diamonds.

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Our Customer Said:

I must admit I was hesitant to send my GIA diamond but your references all checked out. My diamond engagement ring was on consignment at a local retail shop for seven weeks, they found no buyer and they would not buy it. They just kept telling me stories.  Thank you for paying me so very fast. It was a pleasure and I am telling all my girlfriends about you.

Claire P., New York, NY

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