fancy gia diamond buyers

fancy gia diamond buyers

There is now an overwhelming number of famous celebrities and well known business moguls purchasing a multi million dollar fancy gia diamonds. The attention in the media and the extreme rarity of fancy colored diamonds has caused great demand for all GIA fancy diamonds in the public arena. So much demand that prices for GIA fancy diamonds have risen to all time highs. As an accredited business, we have a great market of buyers, we need fancy gia diamonds. 

Fancy gia diamond buyers know that GIA gemologists and appraisers agree that prices are at an all time high and if you are interested in selling a GIA certified fancy diamond we can now pay you the best price possible.

Ready to sell a GIA certified fancy “shape” diamond? Please click here.

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Being fancy gia diamond buyers we are located in the center of the Los Angeles diamond market. Because of our location we have great demand and we look forward to hearing from you and the details of your fancy gia diamond.  We currently have very strong interest in buying fancy shaped diamonds over three carats in weight.  We have very strong interest in buying most fancy colored diamonds over 0.50cts.  Although any brown color in a diamond can dramatically reduce market value we are also interested in buying larger brown diamonds.  Just let Fancy Gia Diamond Buyers know what you have CLICK HERE.

fancy gia diamond buyers

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Mr. Benowitz,

The bank wire arrived today as you promised. Thank you for making this process more comfortable than I thought it would ever be. Larry A., Chicago, IL


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