gia diamond buyers contact

GIA Diamond Buyers Contact

As GIA diamond buyers we are located in the heart of the Los Angeles diamond district.  Our clients include private diamond investors, diamond collectors, private buyers, entertainment executives, movie stars, musicians, artists, wholesalers, etc.  You have reached the GIA diamond buyers contact page and here are numerous ways to contact us if you would like to sell gia certified diamonds or sell used diamond jewelry.  Below is our gia diamond buyers contact information.

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Visit our GIA diamond buying office at:
1107 Fair Oaks Ave #411
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(appointment needed)

Phone us at: 213-629-1823

Fax your GIA info and asking price to: 213-623-0833

Email your information and asking price:
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You can check our references directly with GIA…. CLICK HERE
If you diamond is not GIA certified… CLICK HERE

 Gia diamond buyers contact page was set up to offer you many different ways to contact us.  The more information we have about the diamond the better we can estimate the value before seeing the actual diamond.  See our gia diamond buyers contact information above.

GIA is the most recognized diamond grading lab in the world.  Owners of GIA certified diamonds can be assured of the diamond identification and origin as stated on the GIA certificate.  See our gia diamond buyers contact information above.  Diamond grading is not an exact science, a grade is not a fixed quality.  For example each diamond color grade is further divided into 10 sub grades.  Meaning… if we take a “G” colored diamond and compare it to a GIA “G” colored diamond master it still could be “very slightly” higher or lower color.  The same is true with diamond clarity.  There are very high “SI1” clarity grades, common “SI1” clarity grades and low “SI1” clarity grades.  This is why even diamond wholesalers must always actually see a diamond before making a firm offer.  See our gia diamond buyers contact information above.

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Our customer said:

You were really very helpful and thanks for the great deal. You really should have a customer comment area on your website. If you make one feel free to use me for I will give you a glowing reference and thank you so very much.

Susan A., San Francisco, Ca

See our gia diamond buyers contact information above.